ShikshaLokam, a Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiative, is a societal platform designed to transform the education leadership by enabling various stakeholders engaged in the K-12 education system through collaboration and rapid co-creation.

In Focus
Strengthening DIETs towards Education Transformation

Karnataka | Tumkur, Madhugiri, Bangalore Rural

John F. Kennedy once said, "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”, and even in the toughest of times, a leader finds their way to learn. Amid the ambiguity that Covid-19 presented, there was a clear felt need for capacity building of leaders and teachers in the system to adapt to the new normal. To enable the process, ShikshaLokam collaborated with the District Institute for Education and Training (DIET), Tumkur in Karnataka to pilot an Energised Professional Development (EPD) for the Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) and teachers. The EPD pilot was supported by a collective of NGOs - Mantra4Change, Caring with Colours and Indian Literacy Project - where over 6000 stakeholders were led through a series of online workshops, self-assessments, online courses for self-learning and relevant improvement projects that required on-field application of newly acquired knowledge.

The DIET officials anchored the discussions around identifying aspects and topics of capacity development, co-created the project plans and actively led the program. The CRPs and teachers were led to reimagine their roles in ensuring continuity of learning for children during current times. They also created plans on how to effectively implement the Vidyagama initiative by the Department of Education (DoE) and learnt related topics. The program also presented an opportunity for NGOs to collaborate and work together among themselves and with the DIET officials.

This program energised the DIETs of Madhugiri and Bangalore Rural. They learnt from the experience of Tumkur DIET and conceptualised similar programs for the stakeholders in their districts. As you read this, hundreds of CRPs in Madhugiri and Bangalore Rural are learning, reimagining and preparing for their roles in current times. This is just the beginning of a transformative journey.

Adopting New Normal

As the realisation dawned that Covid-19 is not a short term crisis, the education system started preparing to enable continuity of learning for children. There are growing conversations about creating a resilient education system. Our partner, CoLab has designed an energised 'Resilient Schools' handbook to enable school leaders to plan and work towards improved resilience. It lists themes of School resilience, how to assess oneself on those themes and how to plan towards improvements. The solutions are available on ShikshaLokam platform for ready use.

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Celebrate Power Of Innovations

Innovation is key to navigating through unprecedented situations. As educators, worldwide, are reimagining schools and education, we realise how important it is to encourage and nurture innovations that are led by our school leaders and teachers. While we may have recognised innovations in the past, we have rarely shared those among schools and celebrated them on a platform. To enable this, we present to you an idea, called the Micro Innovation Awards. It is an attempt to recognise and celebrate the best practices of leaders beyond the boundaries of their schools.

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Platform Update
ShikshaLokam gets a Version Upgrade

With ShikshaLokam's platform migration to 2.10 version of Sunbird, the Bodh app and the Portal have undergone some amazing changes which can benefit our creator community and the first-mile users. Features like filtering the content by type in the library, advance search makes it easy for the user to browse and search for the relevant content. Moreover, creation can now be done offline. Users will also be able to access their downloaded content quickly on the app. For more details,

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Grey Matter
Nurturing Societal Networks | Catalysing Interactions

We know a collaboratively developed ecosystem is needed to support a movement for societal change at scale. Communications play a critical role where network participants can collaborate, share information and learn together. The Societal Platform team recently conducted a webinar where June Holley, who has been weaving networks for more than 40 years, shared a model for a communications ecosystem that emerges from network values.

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It's time to celebrate.

September 2019 was a remarkable beginning for Sanjhi Sikhiya, Samarthya, Mantra4Change and ShikshaLokam, as we joined forces to form the Punjab Education Collective (PEC) to work closely with the Department of School Education, Punjab. Started with the vision of transforming the public education system of Punjab, and enriching the educational experience of children in government schools, the collective is now celebrating one year of association with the department.

Over the last year, the team has been working effortlessly to continuously support the department in implementing state-wide reforms and initiatives that impact over 23 lakh students and 1.3 lakh educational leaders in the state.

To celebrate this milestone, we have organised "Saanjhe Kadam", an online event on September 12th as we commemorate the partnership with the department and celebrate education reforms in Punjab! We hope you join us in our celebrations.

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A Step Towards Better Future

NEP 2020 is a significant directional document. In an effort to develop shared understanding around various aspects of the policy, ShikshaLokam is organising a webinar cum Collab-a-thon, called The Unbundle Series. In the first segment, we partner with Makkala Jagriti to discuss the importance of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). This will cover topics like Relevance of ECCE, its best practices and how we can implement the recommendations of the new National Education Policy. Stay tuned for the new series!

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