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Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

Content around the running and management of a school, its daily operations and work, managing resources (including human, financial, teaching and learning resources), school functioning, structures and processes, administration; the managing of school mid day meals, school transportation, books and uniforms, school functions, annual days, school resources and planning; managing the school budgets, school development plans, maintaining school safety and security, all data related to school operations; all data related to students required for administration; administrative norms and rules about running schools.


Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

Effective school operations or managing and administrating the school’s daily operations effectively and efficiently is a fundamental requirement for leadership. This often forms the foundational element of good schools, ensuring that all legal and normative requirements of the schools are fulfilled, the school is adequately resourced (financial, human, material etc), meets the fundamental learning needs of all its children, parents and teachers; to ensure that the school asks for required resources and is adequately supported by the system administration.



School administration, school governance, managing schools, school management, school structures and processes, school functions, school processes, school resources, school planning, school development, school planning and administration, school plans, school development plans, school development and improvement planning, infrastructure, security, safety, Human resource management – planning / recruitment / selection / appraisal, Budgeting and financial planning in schools, school management committee, community participation, parents involvement, School audits, data collection and management in schools, Well-being in schools, socio-emotional and physical well being of students and adults in schools, technology for school operations and management.

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