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Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

Content around schools and school communities, networks and partnerships. There are many interpretations for the word “community” in relation to schools. The first immediate “community” of the school is children, teachers, parents, administrators, school boards etc. Another interpretation of community could be the geography in which the school is located and that community. Another could be the network that the school is a part of (for e.g. alternative school network or all schools in a cluster-community). Another interpretation of community is the group of schools that all conform to a particularly curricula,/board (e.g. CBSE schools etc.). These multiple interpretations of the word “community” must be incorporated in the broader definition of communities, partnerships and networks. Content on developing and implementing interventions in schools aimed towards improving school and community partnerships.

Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

Educational leadership for schools has recognized the importance of schools building and maintaining active networks and partnerships between the school and its community. Many school improvement interventions and changes have been attributed to active participation of the community and partnerships with schools. Educational leadership views the building of external relationships, networks and partnerships as core leadership practice, and this is further echoed in educational leadership philosophies of participatory and collaborative leadership and management.


School-community network, school-community partnerships, SDMC, SMC, improving school communities, Participatory schools, technology for school community partnerships

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