Ecosystem Cultures, values and beliefs

Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

Content around cultures, values and beliefs of school ecosystem and its influence on schools, student learning improvements, This includes content around broader societal cultures, national cultures, social norms and underlying belief structures, dominant mental models and world views that have strong, normative influence on the functioning of schools and schooling. This also includes content around localized, contextual cultures, values, beliefs and mental models that have very specific impact and influence on schools and school systems.

Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

The entities in the school ecosystem do not have regulative or administrative influence on schools but are influential in other forms – normative, cultural etc. Educational leadership work has consistently indicated the importance of a deeper understanding of “beneath the iceberg” factors of culture, mindsets, beliefs and values in shaping educational practices. Factors such as national cultures, broader societal norms, socio-cultural and political influences have been shown to have a substantial influence on how schools work as well as on reform attempts and interventions.


Societal cultures, national cultures, indian culture and beliefs, community beliefs and practices, local understanding, contextual understanding of schools, belief systems and world views, informal influence on schools

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