Leading and Managing Educational Change

Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

This includes content relating to different perspectives on education change, useful approaches and strategies for bringing education change and methods & tools to carry out, support and manage desired change. This would also include programs, innovations, prototypes, and creativity in K-12 education cutting across schools, support systems and ecosystems that are first of their kind, early experiment, out-of-the box thinking, models, ideas and interventions that are revolutionary and new to the field of K-12 education. This could include innovative ideas and philosophies about schools, innovative school designs, innovative curriculum and pedagogy ideas, ideas to manage school resources, technologies, large scale interventions, collective impacts and social movements etc. This could include knowledge that have worked in pockets or instances in India or around the world and have the potential to be used.


Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

The field of education is a complicated space and there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution/approach that works in this space. The complexity of this domain calls for exploring ideas that have the potential to transform ways of understanding education and change ways of learning for the student. It is impossible to know and do this, solely based on one’s own experience. The inclusion of this concept is to bring content onto the platform from the world of education researchers, practitioners, academicians, social scientists etc. from across the world who have tried and tested innovative and effective ways of improving quality of education and its provisioning, understand how interventions can be designed, implemented and managed, how programmatic change can be designed, implemented and managed, how educational change can take place that is sustainable.



Educational Change, change in practice, Perspectives on education change, Strategies and approaches for education change, Methods and tools for supporting, implementing and managing education change, programme theory, Innovation in schools, Out-of-the-box ideas, Transforming learning in schools, innovative ideas, educational transformations, prototypes and experiments

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