Strategies and Approaches for educational change

Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

Content related to strategies, programs and approaches (including innovations and ideas, programmatic and non-programmatic approaches to educational change, prototypes and models, research and studies) for transforming K12 education. This could include path-breaking innovations related to teaching-learning processes in school or improving support system for schools or enhancing the larger ecosystem. Innovations and ideas included here might need further validation and prototyping before being able to use on scale. This could include content related to prototypes and model(s) which has worked in certain context and has the potential for scaling / replicating / extending across other contexts. The prototypes and model could be related to any aspects across schools, school support systems and the larger ecosystem. This could include researches and studies which has the potential of influencing one or more aspects of K12 education.  This would also include technological interventions to bring about change at different levels including classrooms, school operations, systemic accountability, governance and stakeholder capacity building.

Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

Across India and world, large no of people / organizations / communities have successfully created / tried variety of educational approaches and strategies. To arrive at an effective strategy and approach for desired educational change one needs to tap into the growing body of knowledge and contextualize it to suit one’s requirement. Availability of knowledge related to such approaches and strategies enables people to make informed choices.


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