Perspectives on education, schools and school systems

Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

Content around various perspectives, models, frameworks and ideas on education, schools and school systems; functioning, structures, processes, cultures of schools and school systems (for example,educational administrative organizations such as block and cluster offices, academic organizations such as DIETs and SIEMATs); perspectives on other non-formal organizations and entities in the K-12 ecosystem and their functioning.


Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

Understanding education from diverse perspectives such as economics, management, sociology, psychology, history,anthropology, philosophy etc inform the disciplinary knowledge basis of education. Understanding how schools and other entities in the K-12 education system operate and function as organizations, their characteristics and how these can be improved form core aspects of educational leadership. Much of the focus in educational leadership has been to examine ways in which formal and informal organisations in the K-12 space can be improved such that they are more effective in bringing about equitable outcomes for schools and students.



Perspectives on education, philosophy of education, sociology of education, economics of education, child learning, child development, perspectives on schools as organizations, perspectives on school support systems, perspectives on school ecosystems, perspectives on K-12 organizations, perspectives on school cultures, structures and processes

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