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Last Updated On August 20, 2018
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Brief Description

Content around improving instructional leadership in school support systems; how administrators facilitate and support teacher professional development, the development of teachers as leaders; how to develop and support the focus on the instructional program in schools, teaching content, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, student learning and effective teaching and learning practices in schools that can be supported by formal school support organizations and institutions, processes and procedures.

Rationale for inclusion in the Taxonomy

A key purpose for the existence of school support systems is that they contribute to the betterment and development of teachers, curriculum, teaching and learning for all schools in the system. K-12 educational leadership’s core purpose is to bring about improvement in the teaching and learning functioning of all schools in the system and not just a few. Therefore content relating to how school systems understand, think of and support (or impede) curricular improvements, teacher professional development, innovative teaching and learning practices are core part of leadership content and hence find place in the taxonomy.


Improving academic support structures, Leading and managing DIETS, SIEMATs, SCERTs, System wide academic improvement, academic reforms, System instructional leadership, improving teacher training institutes, Improving pre-service training

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